I've hear the negatives, what about the positives?


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
There is another thread going around about USPS shipping and the losses of chicks! We all know the risks of early shipping and I think we all know there can be losses regardless. I have a shipment that MPC is shipping out monday, we've had cold temps in Utah too. Of course I'm nervous and I pray all is well on arrival.

But, I want to hear the positive stories...Who has some success stories they can share? What was your experience with the shipping? How many of you have bought several shipments?.....Tell us your story!
I guess I've been very lucky. I've ordered hundreds of birds over the years and never had more than one or two DOA. My post office is great and they always call me first thing when the birds arrive. I have over 20 chickens from MPC here.
It's not all horror stories.
I've gotten chicks 3x by mail and lucky enough that I've never had one doa. The key I think at least in my area is I don't have chicks shipped til may, even then it has been kniown to be in the 30's here in pa.
I had good luck too. There are alot of things to think about though. How far are you from the hatchery? What is the temperatures where the chicks come from and where you are? How close is your post office? My "hub" PO called me as soon as they came in. Did not even get to go on the truck to me neighborhood office. Good luck!

PS I have chicks supposed to be shipped from Mt Healthy on Sunday and arrive here on Monday. It's about an 11 hour DRIVE to where we are. I'll let you know how it works out.
I had 15 eggs shipped from Washington State to WV. Not a one was broke. Had about 4 or 5 scrambled/bad. I also got them in Jan. too. So that had something to do with the bad eggs.
The ones that hatched are very healthy and happy.
I just received an order of 32 from MPC and 16 from Ideal... all showed up alive and perky. On days 2 and 3 now (they showed up on different days), and everyone's bouncing around in the brooder! Not only did my PO call me as soon as they got there, but they called today to see how they were doing! They were just as excited to see the chicks happy and healthy as I was!
got my order of 25 from Ideal and guess what? All of them were living...the 25 plus the 5 extra peanuts they sent! They are 8 days old now and you know what? All are thriving! I saw one bird w/ what may be bare skin at the armpit (wingpit?) and will check it out. Talk about good experiences...and this is the very first time I have ever ordered/taken care of/touched baby chicks. I am truly blessed!!
I've never had chicks shipped and likely never will, but I had a very positive experience with the USPS with my pair of adult call ducks! I was worried like crazy about them, and they arrived within twenty-two hours from across the country, with tracking updated more or less every few hours, my local PO called me right away when they came in, and they were (and still are) healthy and happy as can be! After their trip they were rather thirsty, but I put them in the bath tub right out of the box and they had a grand time in there. No problems whatsoever.

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