Javas VS Spaldings, Some questions for you guys


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Nov 16, 2011
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Can you guys explain and try to so me what to look for between the Pure Javas and High % Spaldings,
Pic's would be nice also. Thanks
I'm by no means an expert, but high % Spalding peafowl (ie. 31/32) may look very close to a pure green. Best bet is to buy from a reputable breeder only. I believe there was a thread on here a while back titled "Who has the purest greens?"
There are certainly those that profess to know the difference and a few that I would trust to actually try to determine the difference but your best bet is to stick to some of the larger breeders or alternatively a lie detector test. Had a pair and got rid of them. Did not breed well and were flighty as all get out. Just did not enjoy them. Sold them to someone who will respect the genetics and revel in the challenge.

...and no offense to anyone currently using these forums, but I seriously doubt any of us that currently frequent the forum with the exception of George Conner have enough experience to THOUROUGHLY answer your question. Maybe you can get George to weigh in.

You can also google your question and get some info or you can look on the Texas Peafowl, Rocking BAB, Legg and maybe Hopkins livestock sites and get some information. George also has a website but I don't know if he gets into much discussion on the green birds. Some of those guys are happy to talk on the phone.
Augeredin is right...I really love green peafowl and love to research things about them a lot but I will never be a real expert until I actually have some.

Now with that said, I have done tons of research and learning from people who own green peafowl because I someday want to have pure green peafowl (Javanese or Imperators hopefully). My favorite person to talk to about green peafowl is Reinhold :
He is very experienced with green peafowl and experienced in telling the difference between a pure green and a high % spalding.

Here is a page on my website that shows an illustration of a green peacock and an India Blue peacock. Peafowl Vs. India blue.html It clearly shows the differences to give you a basic idea of what makes green peafowl different looking. With that in mind, Spaldings will normally have too much of a blue shine on their neck. The colors will look off. My advise is if you want pure Javanese birds, use photos from Reinhold's website as an example of what you are looking for. Read Mountain Peafowl has very nice birds:

Here is a GREAT link that will help you understand Spaldings and pure greens better:

I know I am not a big name breeder and I don't even have green peafowl but I have a powerpoint and 2 word documents full of green peafowl information and photos. I love at least trying to help and be careful because many people sell Spaldings as greens so don't just go with what the seller says because sometimes the seller doesn't even know what they have is not a green it is a Spalding. Anyways I hope this helped some. From my own experience I can say people have tried to sell me spaldings as greens many times. I am very tired of it. It can be hard finding the real deal.
Another note...AugeredIn mentioned the pair they got were very flighty and did not breed well. Green peafowl can be more difficult to raise than India blues and their varieties but they can be worth all the trouble because they are endangered. I think they are so beautiful I would hate to see them go extinct. Oh and where you live you probably have to provide greens with a heated building for the winter so they don't get frost bit toes.
AugeredIn I'll be meeting one of those guys in Person this weekend. I'll speak to them a bit and maybe even show them the birds I am talking about. I am going to try and snap some Pic's this weekend to post here.
AugeredIn I'll be meeting one of those guys in Person this weekend. I'll speak to them a bit and maybe even show them the birds I am talking about. I am going to try and snap some Pic's this weekend to post here.

Pictures pictures pictures pictures!!!! I can't wait!!!
I'll post the story about why I am meeting one of them sometime tonight, they are helping me with a Rescue type situation, the birds aren't in danger but we are dealing with over 200 Birds I'll start a new thread about that in a bit. I'll post pic's some time this weekend, I was told they were pure and they did come from a big name breeder, but to tell you the truth I forgot which breeder the guy had told me. I think they are Spaldings myself.

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