Jonquils in January


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
We took a trip to Land Between the Lakes today, a huge National recreation area that has become our home away from home. We camp there all the time. Today, we just went to help dispel a very bad case of cabin fever. We took a very long walk on one of their many trails, discovered a new cemetery and an area that looks like it was once home to some squatters. We rode down to our favorite campsite, and discovered that not only were the jonquils up, they are going to open tomorrow. I couldn't believe my eyes. We have had an incredibly mild winter this year. I have never seen them come up this early, much less bloom!
I just love that area. Especially the old settleers park there. We just love walking thru it and seeing how things were done in the old days. What area are you from? That area(close to Hopkinsville) is where I go to a great chicken auction twice a month. Its at Elkton. If you are close you should try to go some time.
Wow... when the daffodils are blooming you know it was a mild winter.

We have had hardly any rain here. WE REALLY NEED IT. Pray for us.
Neat story!!

Youre a lucky gal... i think our winter is JUST starting here.... flowers.. *sigh* i wish..

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