July 2022 Hatch-A-Long



5 Years
Dec 21, 2018
Jewell County Kansas
Starting the thread early as I just set a dozen turkey eggs that are due to hatch July 4th. I had to resort to hatching my own as my turkey order was cancelled and I could not order any from anywhere else in the time frame I needed. As it is, most of these once they hatch will go to freezer camp late, but I can at least harvest the biggest for the holidays.
I just did my records paperwork and put the eggs into the incubator but I'm not turning them on until tomorrow morning.

I'm trying to select all Australorp eggs -- I haven't had any luck getting splash from my Blue Australorps yet. Lots of blues and a few blacks, but no splash so far.

I really want a good splash male for my next step breeding.

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