Jumbo Corturnix Quail Paper Egg Cartons


5 Years
Apr 16, 2014

Greetings all,
I have purchased Quail Eggs online before and sometimes they are shipped in them. I keep asking everyone I can but no body seems to know where to directly buy them. Some say they pop up on Ebay from time to time but somebody has got to know where to purchase these cartons. They seem to be the only cartons that hold Jumbo Corturnix Eggs or Bobwhite Eggs without cracking the large ones when you stack them in the fridge. Anyone who can help plz shoot me a message, thank you ahead of time.
*NO TRAYS, NOT LOOKING FOR TRAYS OR THE SMALLER CLEAR QUAIL EGG CARTONS those can be found anywhere and everywhere, easier to find then Backyard Chickens

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Well I thought I was reasonable in my response to someone not answering the question.
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Yeah thats why I posted a picture in this string. That is the common answer the clear ones and as everyone says they are too small :/ waste of money to buy the clear ones. So it appears this string like all the rest will go unanswered getting so long people assume its been answered. With everyone saying the plastic ones is all they know about. :( The exact opposite of what I was hoping from this string and picture provided.
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Well I started this string to not be like all the others that are already on BYC about this. I even posted a picture, forgive me for being direct on the fact that you didnt take less then 24 hours to shoot my idea down lol. I kept that to myself until you revealed your soft.

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