Just brought home some Yokohama for a young 4Her. Tell me about them. : )

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    We were looking and looking for a bantam and could not find one we were happy with. We were thinking golden sebrights, but for a couple reasons kept searching for another option. We are stuck with buying from the feed store, which luckily this year is carrying a lot of new options. We came buy the red shouldered yokohama and though how beautiful they were, but not a bantam. After switching from searching out "bantam" and started looking at poundage of hen. We decided that we really did want to give a good show of trying with the yokohama. Now coming home I found cackle has them as easy to show and docile. I am happy to hear it for I must admit after weighing so many options for the last few weeks and going back and forth. We kind of leapt into the purchase blind.

    I know we all love to share so I wanted to open this up to hear what you all have experienced with them. Thanks!

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