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Feb 28, 2010
Miles Erwin - 2nd March, 2010 Share| .Dude the fighting cock kills less than fantastic Mr Fox

Four fighting cocks desperate to avoid becoming headless chickens have turned the tables and slaughtered a fox that broke into their coop during the night.
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Dude, the not so chicken, chicken.
..IT was a murder most fowl. A less than fantastic Mr Fox was found dead, apparently from several head wounds.

The suspects: Dude, Izzy, Pongo and Pecky, four birds who played chicken with the fox and, it would appear, won.

It seems fighting cock Dude led his ladies into battle when the fox managed to get into their coop late at night.

Surprisingly, the feather-weight contest didn’t end in a slaughter of the chickens but the demise of the predator.

News of the fight broke when chicken owner Michelle Cordell, 43, went to collect eggs from her brood and found the dead fox lying in their midst.

‘I was so shocked. When I went to the chicken coup they were all fine but, when I went to the other side, the fox was lying there dead,’ she said.

Ms Cordell added that a little table in the corner of the coup, which the chickens perched on, had been knocked over and was lying next to the fox’s head.

‘It seems they kicked over the table and knocked the fox out, and then pecked it to death,’ she said.

‘It had little blood marks on its legs that looked like they had been pecked. It had not been dead long. The fox was not a cub but it was only a young one and Dude and Izzy are big birds.’

Ms Cordell, who lives in Basildon, Essex, with daughters Ruby, 13, and eight-year-old Maddi, got the Rhode Island Reds last year.

A fox killed one hen and another cockerel just before Christmas but Ms Cordell is certain the chickens saw off the latest attack.

She said: ‘I reared Dude from a little chick and he has become very protective over the others.’ Her verdict on the cockerel? ‘Now he is a murderer.
Dude is one foxy guy!

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