Kids and Grocery store eggs!! Too funny!


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Feb 21, 2007
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My girls haven't been laying much since we've had a ton of snow, so DH bought
grocery store eggs
So this morning, we were making breakfast and while I was cooking the eggs, Dh comes over and says:

"Just please don't tell the kids they are grocery store eggs this time so they will eat, last time you ruined it by telling them"
Yes, kids are eggs snobs!

* I know I posted this in Random Ramblings, but I thought this was a more appropriate section for it. mods, you can close which ever one is in the wrong place, I only need one
I have red sex link hens that have laid all winter despite being in a semi dark shed all winter.Would recommend them. I was just thinking about getting store eggs for easter crafts as I don't want to waste any of my fresh eggs!
My Dominiques, Black & Brown Sex Links have been laying all winter. The first of winter we were just starting to get 16/18 per day, it has dropped to 12/14 per day. Not too bad! My chickens do not like the snow, I have to shovel the snow if it is more than 1". They will not go out! The cold doesn't bother them if the sun is shining, they sunbathe in 5 degree temps! My one BS Orpington is broody now

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