Kiki's White Trash and or Nerdy Birthday Bash Funeral

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Aug 17, 2018
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Nice! I would like to do a Thanksgiving turkey but I don’t think I could. I think I would get too attached. From what I hear they are very sweet and personable.
it can be difficult but keeping BB for that is better IMO for a couple of cornish cross, it’s very difficult to keep them too long because of the stress on their bodies and the feed costs and mess they create make it easier to let go!! speaking of which, I need to check weights on weeble and wobble!!

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Nov 17, 2016
I can tell, that was a GREAT Dog!
Ya he was the best.
It'll be a long time before I'll ever get another Aussie because they don't make them like him any more.
Great family dog and farm dog. And you talk about intelligent and athletic.
He was my little ones best friend. They could play all day without tiring out. The best was snack time. We'd keep cookies and such to far to the back of the counter for my son to reach so Kade would stand next to the counter so my son could stand on his back and snag the snacks. Then they would sneak back outside and share them.
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