Kitten is dying, help


Dec 30, 2018
*update* The kitten died tonight. * Hello, I searched through many pages, but didn't find what I needed. We brought a feral kitten home last week. It was sick and hungry. It seemed to be doing better, but then this afternoon it went down hill. Tonight it seems certain it won't make it and is in pain. It is too late for a vet. Is there a way to humanly euthanize it? (I don't have a gun available.) I hate to see it suffer. Thank you.
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It is warm and as comfortable as possible, but it's so heartbreaking to see it in pain. I hopped it would get better, but it's wasting away so quickly today, and yet not quickly enough.
I've unfortunately seen many barn kitties die when I was a kid, so I know what you are probably seeing. Has it eaten today? Sometimes when they get very thin they can get low blood sugars. Sometimes putting something like corn syrup on their gums can perk them up. Not sure if it will help, but it may be worth a try if it seems out of it.
Thank you. he hasn't eaten all day to my knowledge. I have given him drops of a homemade Gatorade type drink. At first that seemed to help. But, he never progressed to eating. I will try warm milk and corn syrup. His eyes are closed. He can barely move his head.
I agree with the other replies. Don't give up yet. If you have not done so already, place her on a heating pad set on low and covered with a heating pad or thin towel. Try syringe feeding her some liquid food or warmed
milk. Kitten milk would be ideal as it is a rehab food. Do you have any antibiotics on hand?

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