Large mass on my ovary


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
I was recently having pain on my left side when it was "that time of the month." I went to the doctor about it. The doctor did an ultrasound and discovered that the discomfort was caused by a minor little bit of endometriosis (sp?). He said that it was minor, but he was glad to have done the ultrasound because on the right side there was a large mass on my ovary. It's probably something nonmalignant, but we aren't taking any chances. I'm going to have surgery in about 2 weeks. It's strange how things work out. I never thought that I would have been thankful for endometriosis, but I would have never learned about what could potentially become a silent killer without it. Thank you, God!
Good luck and good fortune with the surgery.
I imagine you are a bit nervous right now about it. It will be fine. Just keep repeating that mantra!
It may be, but the doctor didn't like the size and shape and something about "not fluid" (I assume that means it might be a bit solid). He did say that could still be a cyst, but, even if it was, it too big to go away on its own. I say, "take it all, and good riddance!" I'm 47 years old, and my kids are grown so it's just spare parts anyway.
I'm really surprised they didn't do more than an ultrasound to re-examine the mass. Cysts can look solid on an ultrasound but still not require surgery (I have persistent abnormal ovarian cysts).

Good luck with the surgery! Being in pain is the pits!

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