Last quilts are finished for The Kid's Club this year!


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Dec 25, 2007
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Ok,, here they are, the last of the Kid's Club quilts for this year:


Front: I don't remember who sent the wonderful froggy squares, but we've made 3 baby quilts so far with them!



A while back we are sending you fabric for the class I can't remember, but I do remember sending you small blocks for them to write their names on. The quilts they made I hope it's from what we all sent you and you didn't need to pay for any of it. I know the teachers here buy a lot of things for the class room and I don't think that's right.

They did a gread job and they should be proud of themself's. I know I spelled that wrong. LOL Is it themselves?
We've used squares sent from a bunch of BYC'ers and a local group have given a bunch, I've only had a buy some batting and backing fabric and larger pieces for the sashing or binding. When I went to the Child Crisis Center to drop off the crochet and small quilts for them I got some bad news about the signature quilt we made them. I didn't get pics of it when it was dropped off because I forgot my camera and my phone so I figured I would get the pics when I dropped these off. The Center had a fire a couple of months ago in the lobby area, it was arson set by a male member of a family who had his wife and child there. A good part of the lobby and offices were damaged including the nice name quilt we made them. I decided I'm going to make just a 30 square plain, light colored, quilt top for them to hang back up and the kids can sign all over it. As much as I loved the one we made, that was a lot of work to piece together and for everyone to make the squares. When I get this top put together I'll put just a back on it, and a way to hang it. I can't believe someone would try and burn down a center that is protecting abused children.

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