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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by DMRippy, Jun 29, 2012.

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    I look forward to that. Please let me know when you have eggs, chicks, etc.. thank you.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Me too, but I am more concerned with type at the moment.. I hatched a few Lav from them this year (unintended). I didn't get them separate from the Lav cock and in with my Black cock soon enough. Hopefully, their chicks will hatch Black (split) tomorrow.

    Guess, I will have a few young Lavs to show this fall. Should be the fourth year they will be represented at the Four Corner Poultry Show APA/ABA.
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    Dak, firstly - they've not been difficult to find. It's been difficult to get in touch with anyone who advertises Lav stock. I've been contacting and ignored for over a year. Secondly, I'm not treating this like ordering a cell phone - apparently, you missed the part that I've dealt with livestock all my life; the "business" isn't new to me - the ignoring or whatever is. Lastly, I researched the Lavs here and found this thread, read it through completely, and thought it would be the best place to voice my concerns over feeling like I was being ignored for the last 14 months. I saw a dedicated group of breeders here, actively communicating and very interested in discussing all aspects of the breed AND coloration, and I felt this thread would be the right place to say my piece in how exasperated I've been for quite some time now.

    I'm sorry if my post offended you or put you off at all - that wasn't my intention at all.

    Some of the folks suggested are people I've been emailing or calling, as requested by their sites or listings on directories - and haven't been getting responses from. A scant few are new names to me, so I'll be in touch with them. Thank you. :)
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    The forum I left before coming here was....hmmm....just like you mentioned. The day before I left, they had actually "run off" a lady that had been a member for a few months longer than I had been. She had purchased "Ameraucanas" from one - they turned out to be EEs - and she confronted him when they turned out to be "mutts." He and a few others got nasty with her, and she left. The day I left (which was what made me leave) - the guy was bragging about how he'd sold her bunk birds. He was a moderator. :/
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    Mar 21, 2010
    My post wasn't entirely about you, but many want basic lessons in genetics/hatching/raising/culling/showing spoon fed to them.

    I hope you find some good stock. There is still a lot of work to be done. Single combs, clean faces, major color faults, feather stubs on shank are still lurking. Size, eggs traits, type......

    My biggest pet peeve are those mixing other colors than black, and other breeds in. Just my 2 cents.

    Clare Mikel DVM
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    I completely understand where you're coming from - we dealt with the "mixers" in Paints before my parents just got tired of it and sold all the horses and washed their hands of it. ;-)

    Thank you for the well-wishes. It's nice to connect with another DVM outside the local area; especially one invested in breeding. This thread alone has been a HUGE source of information. I can't begin to thank all the posters/breeders here for their time invested in this work, and I've already learned a great deal about these birds from following the conversation.

    (If I had a nickel for every post on "raising baby chicks" explaining
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    Jan 1, 2012
    Puerto Rico
    A few weeks ago I got my John Blehm order. I am very pleased with those chicks. They are beautiful !!!. I also had been in this quest to find real ameraucanas and maybe for me is more difficult because I live in Puerto Rico and there are no breeders of real ameraucanas here. There are a few breeders that advertise their EE's like ameraucanas but you can see in a split second what they are selling. So I started hatching shipped eggs. My best hatching experience was with Donnas lavender/ split eggs and those birds started to lay a few weeks back. So it's possible to get real ameraucanas but we have to educate ourselves so we dont fall for those irresponsable sellers that try to make pass their ee's like ameraucanas. I also started with the hatchery "ameraucanas" and ended up with a bunch of ee's. I love those EE's but also wanted the real deal. Also I felt a responsability to get the best I was able to get so we have a good foundation for this breed in Puerto Rico. It' is posible.

    So good luck kynewbchickie.
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    Jan 2, 2008
    Tamaqua, NE Pa
    You may see some of my birds there. I think my one relative may show there this year. Harry
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    May 18, 2011
    You are welcome! We needed a place to talk freely and friendly about these great birds. So pretty so there is so much info that needs to be shared.

    I am not a member of the ABC yet. But soon, I wanted to have a little experience under my belt before I join any clubs. I just want to make sure I have really good stock before I join. Where is Jess anyway.... Did I not invite her to join? Does she still have Lavs?

    I have a nice flock of Lavs and splits mostly.... but they are throwing white chicks so I didn't want to offer eggs here or chicks knowing that issue is there. Some don't mine and even want the whites... LIKE ME [​IMG] They are very pretty. But I do make it VERY clear they are carrying Rec White. I DID NOT INTRODUCE WHITES to my Lavs. I have never breed anything but the Lavs/Splits and Blacks. That is it!

    My Lavender Roo has really filled out NICE and is so much bigger than my wheaten roo. I am really impressed with him. He is a very good natured roo too.

    Ignore the absence of his beard... they have all had them picked clean. Not sure who did it... maybe the WL in the pen [​IMG]


    Not sure what that ruffled feather is there at his wing. I was really windy that day. Were were working on the pens to DIVERT the next bought of Rain (7 inches a few days before and 3-4 more were coming [​IMG]) No muddy eggs now [​IMG]



    I have a back up Lavender roo growing out and he is looking good too. I may test mate the younger roo to see if he is carrying.... I can't imagine any of them NOT having it now. I am going to mate this Older Roo to my white chicks I hatch.

    I do have chicks coming from Paul Smith.... soon I hope. I am just getting Lavs and Blacks. He didn't have splits or I would have gotten some of them too. (and Wheatens/Blue Wheatens too)
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    Absolutely GORGEOUS roo, Donna!

    Jess Kemp was the lady I made contact with last week. First person I've called or emailed in 14 months that has answered or replied with any desire to help me get started with true, good stock out of everyone I've been referred to. Very sweet lady! Hopefully she'll find time soon to reply back to me as I'll drive wherever I need to drive and pay whatever I need to pay to end this very long and trying experience.

    I'll give up a bit more info here, as I now see that you all are sincerely NOT like the other forum I left before coming here:
    The son I speak of that's really, really interested in these birds in particular is autistic (Aspergers). It has become a special interest of his; he spends hours of free time looking them up on the internet, has printed out pictures and taped them all over his room, has even written two research papers about Lavs and all the issues breeders are still facing regarding combs, feathers, wild recessive carry-overs, etc...and that's why I've been so persistent. He's going to be 10 this July. He's gotten involved in the local 4-H Club through school as soon as we moved here - where we moved from had a program, but it was very small and very inconsistent compared to this program. I guess that's the difference between a city area versus a rural area. ;-)

    The chickens we have, he'll sit with for hours on weekends and play with, give treats, and pet. He's tamed almost all of them - even the roos - and they all come scampering when he gets off the bus in the afternoons as soon as they hear his voice and start fussing for him. He's really the reason our flock has become so easy-going and sweet. Even the OEGB I bought for my oldest son to show and breed (his favorites) have become my middle son's pets. People talk about how flighty or mean they can be - especially the roos - but not with him. The roo will perch on his shoulder while he's filling their feeder and waterer. I don't know if it's his care and intense admiration for chickens in general, or if they somehow sense that he's "different people" - but either way, it's one of the coolest things to watch. His connection to "his birds" has helped him come out of his shell and make some major progress in his development. Just 2 years ago, this child wasn't self-confident at all, wouldn't make eye contact, and to get him to write anything was a week-long fight to get the first word to be written down. Since he laid eyes on these birds when I was researching what breeds we wanted to get into, he's been off and running full-speed ahead and won't relent. His impatience is partly the reason why I've had patience issues for the last 14 months. Meltdowns over not being able to get any chicks or started birds for him have been difficult - thankfully, I have a therapist for that. :)

    I didn't want to off-put anyone here or make anyone feel like I was shouldering my way into something that all of you are very experienced and passionate about. I'm glad those of you who have been so helpful in this thread with me have been patient with me. True, I'd love to be able to offer others these beautiful birds eventually myself - but it's more of a push from a very intensely-interested child who has found a motivation/interest that I can actually have a connection with now, whereas before - he was like a withdrawn toddler. He's the reason I'm researching everything I can find, getting involved in showing, and willing to drive or pay whatever it takes...I want my son to realize his dream, and knowing that dream and its progression has been a way for me to actually have a relationship with this unique boy of mine has been well-worth it.

    Sorry if I got sappy...I'm actually wiping tears...I apologize for not being more forthcoming with why I've been so persistent for so long everywhere I've called, emailed, or posted.
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