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    Mar 21, 2010
    He is in TX isn't he? A bit of a drive, but it a great show. High powered competition for such an out-of-the-way show. If he needs directions or anything, feel free to have him contact me. Will he be going to Shawnee, OK? That might be a good one for him, though I keep hearing references to the "Oklahoma mafia" when it comes to who wins.
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    WOW... that is great he can connect like that. If I had any started birds or chicks they would be your for sure..... I just don't. I have an order for some chicks and I can hatch you some after that.... BUT they Carry rec white so you could have white chicks pop up if you breed them. I am really only hatching right now for the whites so you are welcome to the Lavs and splits if you want them... but it would be a month or so before they hatch. I am in Nashville so not as far from you as Ana or Jess and you will not hurt my feelings if you get birds from them too or instead but they are yours if you want them. I don't need any more chicks, but I could use some whites and they lavs and splits are just a bonus [​IMG]
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    kynewbchickie, that is a great story! I also have a child on the spectrum (PDDNOS, which is a frustrating diagnosis), and initially got Inti chickens for similar reasons. He hasn't connected with them like I had initially thought he was, but I can so relate with what you wrote and your emotion behind it :hugs BYC is a great group of people, I think you will have a much better experience here.
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    Hello Newbchick

    I know how you feel. There is a guy on here named Snowbird. I just received 6 Lavenders from him. Try contacting him or John Bhlem . They are both very nice men and they both know God. I think you will be very happy with their chicks. I too purchased some EErs. that were touted as Amercaunas . I too am a newbie . Most of the time I find these people very kind and knowledgeable.

    Don't be discouraged. I know I was for a while. Now I have some chicks and enjoy them very much.
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    I don't know that Jess will have time to get back to me - she sounded very, very busy when I spoke with her which is understandable! Another poster on the boards here said something to the effect that it looks "bad" on breeders when they don't respond - I'd say that may be true during the slower months, but I spoke up on y'all's behalf and let it be known that right now, everyone is slammed busy with their birds, shows, hatches, etc - so I know better than to hold anything against anyone. I remember what it was like during foaling and calving season - we were lucky to sleep. ;-)

    I've got a really close lead on some Lav/Split chicks and I told them I'd give Jess until Wednesday to email me back before I let them know about babies. I've got a nice brooder setup in the basement - I just haven't had the ability to track down a quality bator/turner in my area. Most farm supply stores here sell cheaper equipment and we all know if we can find better, we can afford better for the best results. That's why I haven't gotten eggs yet. Thank you so much for your offer and I'll be able to let you all know by Wed night if I'm going to go the chick route to get started. I'd like to give Jess adequate time to get back to me so I'll definitely be in touch with all of you.

    Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart!
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    I already have! Here I'm not seeing open jokes about how someone "duped" someone else on birds. And everyone seems genuinely interested in helping us get started which is a definite bonus. The energy of this forum is definitely different from the other one I'd been in and I know it takes great members to make that happen. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the recommendation! [​IMG]
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    Jul 3, 2011
    I just hatched 5 lovely Lavenders from bargain (BYC name on here). If you have the option of hatching, I would recommed her! Very nice to work with as well.

    On another note, if I were to post pictures of 6 week olds, would some (more experienced sexers) have a good idea at telling what they are? Also, does someone have pictures to show correct feather vs problem feathers? Thanks so much [​IMG]
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    I concur. :bow From Half dozen purchased I hatched 6 of the seven she sent. Well that's not quite true since the hatching date conflicted with a trip out of state my new friend Chickee actually completed the hatch for me. Chicks are 2 weeks now and doing fabulously.


    Huge thanks to Nancy and Candy. Both of these ladies were invaluable to me.
  10. kynewbchickie

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    They're adorable!!!

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