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    Jul 23, 2015
    I have about 100 layers to sell eggs at our roadside farm stand. I raise the chicks through the winter, so after 2 years of age, they have layed eggs for 2 full seasons. I have been been rotating them out after 2 years, but wonder how much less productive they would be if I kept them a 3rd season. Input from "seasoned pros" appreciated!
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    The third laying cycle you generally see a decline in number and quality of egg - if pressed to put a number to it I would say a reduction of up to 1/3 when compared to the first (most productive) laying cycle. In a production geared flock *I* would not hold onto them into a third cycle - but they can still be sold off as retired production layers for someone who just wants a few eggs now and again from their birds.
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    Agrees with OGM......especially if you have high production breeds like sexlinks, leghorns, etc.

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