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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kleonaptra, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Kleonaptra

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    Oh, I did forget to mention he palpated her quite a bit and like me, felt no bones out of place and nothing broken.We talked about an xray but it is not behaving like a fracture and I did not think it was worth it. He fears nerve damage which is something my partner and I had begun to say.
    I am hanging on to the image of her standing triumphantly on both legs the other night after her first night being wrapped. She retained good use of the leg for a few hours that night, so I'm hoping with a bit more treatment, I'll see that again.
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    Wonder if the fox had her across the back and maybe hit a nerve that is affecting her leg? I'm sure the vet has checked all that out but just thinking out loud..

    Hope all your doing especially the resting part will help her to heal. Did he say to continue with warm water therapy?

    Be sure to add a pro biotic since she will be on more antibiotics and inflammatory.They can sure mess up the tummy.
  3. Kleonaptra

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    What would you recommend for a pro biotic? Great idea. I use a happy hens vitamin and mineral mix in the food, not every day for most of them but she is getting it at least once a day


    Thats the stuff I use.

    After vet yesterday - roughly 12pm? - I wrapped her tight in vetwrap and left it on til about 10am this morning. I then unwrapped her and left her loose for a few hours but confined just to give her a break. She flopped about for most of the time, but by the time I came in just about half hour ago, (1pm) she was standing on the leg. The toe was still mostly curled up, but she was definitely standing on both legs.

    Ive wrapped her again, and put her outside in a shady cool spot to socialize. When she goes to bed she will stay wrapped up and have her meds, and we'll do the same routine tomorrow, and for at least another four days.
  4. Miss Lydia

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    @Kleonaptra that is good news, but I wouldn't let her be out in the open where she may over do. I'd continue to do warm water therapy too since that will take pressure off her legs and help her use them to keep her muscles going.

    That looks like a great vitamin but what she needs is something to put back the good bacteria in her gut. I have also used the human pro biotics but I found a bird one on line and have been using it for a couple years I mix it into their water.
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  5. Kleonaptra

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    I'll look into pro biotics.

    She doesn't really go 'out in the open' there's a little rock garden that's grassed over, she cant move much while I've got her strapped, I put her in a nice cushy divot with food and water and feed everyone else nearby so they can all have a fossik together.
    She's standing on 2 legs now. The toe is curled up, but she is definitely holding her weight on both legs. I think I read somewhere about how to make a duck shoe?
  6. Miss Lydia

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    You can use a piece of stiff card board or think plastic cut the shoe the size of her foot so you can lay the foot flat on the shoe, wrap the shoe with tape to protect her skin then use vet wrap or some kind of tape that won't pull off her skin when you unwrap it. Make sure to wrap tight but not too tight to cause circulation problems.

    That is great news about her being able to stand on both legs now..
  7. Kleonaptra

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    It doesn't last long, and she can only just stand. Still, its improvement. Today she had a nice long swim and once that leg gets stuck in backwards position, she really cant swing it forward again. In the water, if she relaxes, it will slowly sink forward but if she exerts any force it swings back again. The tooth gouge was right in the centre of her spine over the hips, but I'm feeling tendons and ligaments may be involved too. She's sure a fighter. Off to get more vetwrap and make her a shoe
  8. Kleonaptra

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    Oh, forgot to mention, she laid an egg! Her and Stormy share the hospital bed overnight but I think its far too big to be Stormys
  9. Miss Lydia

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    Progress no matter how slow is progress, Love to hear of progress.
    Yay for egg. Means things are beginning to work again!! Speaking of eggs hows your one egg doing still progressing?
  10. Kleonaptra

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    She can definitely hold her weight on the leg. I'm so relieved. Even if her toes never come quite right there is every chance she will keep use of that leg, it just needs time. I've been using elastic bandage until my vetwrap arrives, and at the moment, she's loose. When I'm not watching she very carefully exercises and tests her range.

    I have 6 eggs in the Bator in total, and yes, one I'm hoping is leelus. Heatwave took me by surprise yesterday and temp jumped up over 40 Celsius, but everyone appears to be still alive. I collected as many eggs as I could find hoping to salvage some of the genes from those I lost. They are due next week.

    Ended up with enough money also to get my fence charger. By this time next week, we will be electric

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