Legal To Have Chickens In my Area?


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Jun 10, 2013
I really shouldn't have chickens. I'm in the Billage where farm animals are a no no. Two houses down, is theTownship, where you can see it from our front yard and two houses down I could legally have chickens! We have 3 acres. Our one neighbors really don't like us at all. If they found out it is illegal for us to have chickens then what.

Main Question: Is there anyway for me to legally have chickens? Zoning laws or something like that.
Mich has a right to farm act

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No in MI it does not matter if you have 1/10th a acre or 100 acres. They wrote the law this way on purpose. The RTFA covers you as long as you practice GAAMP ( Generally Accepted Agricultural Practices )

Some Town and City ordinances go against the Right To Farm Act, and due to some supreme court cases ( I believe the most recent one was in 2007 or 2008 ) The supreme court basically said... Town and City Ordinances can not trump State Law. You can go to the website and find a copy of both our State Law and a section that explains what GAAMP is.

If you live in a city or town that does not know about RTFA and GAAMP you can print copies from website and supply them a copy for their reading pleasure. Most of the time they will back off after that.
But to be protected by the RTFA, you also need to have them for commercial reasons, not just as pets or for your family's eggs. The degree to which they are commercial is not important, so you can sell a dozen eggs a year and you should be covered, but if you never intend to sell eggs or birds or meat, or any other product they produce, then you aren't protected.

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