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I have a friend who is somewhat of a know it all. Bless her heart, she means well but is frequently incorrect. She tells me its illegal to use electric fences in the city of portland Oregon. Its not like I want to have a huge fence just a critter deterent on my 4x6 chicken house and maybe around my chicken run as unobtrusively as possible. Do any of you portland folks know any thing about this?
I don't know much, but sometimes it is easier to get forgiveness then to get permission.
The easiest way is to call an electric fence company in Portland, Oregon. More than likely if you do it around the perimeter of your yard, were stupid kids walk because they have no respect for other peoples property, there could be issues. But just around certain area, I doubt it's an issue.
Call the Town Hall and ask them if there are any ordinances against electric fencing within the city limits
No need to waste time and effort building a fence if they can make you tear it down
As suggested above you will want to ask Town Hall yourself and get a copy of the ordinance pertaining to electric fences. If the fence is legal there may be restrictions as to purpose, number of strands, size and type of charger(might have to be Less Than Lethal approved), must be inside the perimeter of a mechanical fence, setbacks from property lines and public access, etc.
I was wondering when someone would bring up this issue. In Ohio, I would have been held liable if someone got hurt by trespassing onto my property and was zapped by the electric wire on the top of my fence. I've put up signs warning of the electric wire, but the argument is that some people can't read and the fence surrounding my property could be harboring an "attractive nuisance". I even had the fence 10 feet inside my property line!!!!! And God Forbid if some idiot put their hand through the fence and was bitten by one of my dogs. Please check what your laws are, it will surprise you.
try talking to the folks that work in that section of your home depot or TSC. They told my brother tha tif he lived in the town limits he wouldn't but because he didn't he could use them. In McDonough, GA

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