Lethargic 6 week old rooster who had respiratory problems


Dec 9, 2020
My 6 week old rooster yesterday had trouble breathing, because he was outside in the cold. I brought him in, gave him two drops of ventolin, then calpol. He looked better immediately. I repeated this at night, and now it is morning, he is lethargic, his poop is normal, but he is not eating much. I gave him sugar water but he was not willing to drink much of it but he does get a bit energetic when he does. Keep in mind he is not breathing in gasps, his mouth open, anymore. He sits at one spot, fluffed up. Please help.
Same cockerel as your other thread?

What's his poop like?
Can you get a video of him? Upload to youtube and provide a link.

What do you feed?
Have you ever treated him for Coccidiosis?

Please tell us where you are in the world.
Yes, same cockerel as before, normal poop as before, no never treated him for coccidiosis, I gavee him some millet and mashed boiled egg, but he is not eating it. Please help asap
Acetominophen or paracetamol are toxic to poultry, so I would not use the calpol again. Also ventolin is a bronchodilator for humans, and using something like that on a chick without vet care seems a bit extreme to me. I do know that we all might try heroic measures in an emergency though. Bronchodilators will increase heart rate and blood pressure, so probably not a good thing for an animal.

Respiratory difficulty might be a sign of a respiratory infection or disease. One of those may be passed on to offspring through hatching eggs. Others are spread by direct contact with a carrier bird, or by us. Do you see any watery eye or nasal drainage? Any sneeze or gasping? Lethargy can also be a sign, but may be a sign of coccidiosis, dehydration, or something else. It is good to stick with one thread, and update it continually if you are not getting answers.

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