Let's chick chat!!


5 Years
Apr 3, 2017
Hello! Anyone out there have baby chicks?? If you have any questions, I can help you! I've raised baby chicks and its a lot of work and fun!! Or you could just show them off.
Lets start chick chating!
Hi I just received my 15 baby chicks this morning and they all seem to be doing well.
I started feeding them non medicated baby chick starter. When do I start introducing other foods to them? like veggies, hay?
I have 3 chicks right now,they are assorted bantams,so I'm not exactly sure what they are yet but I think I have a game bantam,and a white cochin bantam,but I don't know what the other one is.
Ah these are so cute...they look just like mine. What kind are they? I got a rainbow pack so Im not sure what mine are yet.
Thanks!!!!!! The one on the end is a black australorp, the one next to it is a easter egger, then the other one is a buff orpington, and the last I believe is a black sexlink.

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