LG still air problem


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8 Years
Jun 16, 2011
Hot Springs, Arkansas
I have a LG still air incubator and have used it before with no problems. I plugged it in yesterday afternoon and the light came on. I checked on it later and made sure the know was turned all the way to the right, but the temperature hasn't changed. It is staying at room temperature. I kept it on all day today and it is still staying at room temperature. I touched the screws on the lid because they usually get hot and they were cold. All the other times I've used my LG It works right. Does anybody know how to fix this or what is wrong? Thanks in advanced, Smoosh.


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Try checking to see if all of the wires are attached correctly to the thingy that goes in a square around the top. I know that sometimes they disconnect after a few uses because they are so inexpensive and aren't made to last forever. If that doesn't help and you haven't had it that long, I would call the company and ask what they suggest doing.

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