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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bebee, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2013
    I have 22 ducks 2 pekins, 1 Rouen, 16 mallards. Won of my mallards today has gotten a bad limp. The drakes sometimes chase the hens to mate and it could be bumble foot. I would like any advice I can. I might be able to take a picture later. I was thinking about giving her a bath in some soapy water to clean her feet to look at them. Is that alright?
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    Not the soapy part, but a lukewarm bath would be good. Soap is not good for ducks. Wounds can be cleaned with saline solution, Vetericyn, but not soap.

    Separate her from the others in a safe place with clean bedding, water and food. She won't like it, but a rest overnight will help, I think.

    While she's bathing, look her over carefully. How does she move her legs, tail, head and neck? Look for injuries or stiffness.

    Make an Epsom salt compress and wrap her leg for as long as you both can manage it. Five minutes even.

    If she has a bumble, follow the compress with either triple antibiotic ointment (no painkiller) on the bumble and around the foot. Or, if you have clear iodine, put a drop of that on the bumble and let it dry. In a few days you may see a dark scab that can be soaked and - gently - pulled off. If it won't come off with gentle pressure after soaking, leave it a few more days.

    And meanwhile, think hard about letting the drakes injure the ducks. I would put the boys in time out and rethink the living arrangements. Pekin drakes weigh, what, 8 pounds? And a mallard duck, about 4? If you have aggressive drakes like this, please remember her life depends on you.

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