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9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
Hey, I'm losing goats to predators "Coyotes" and have been told that Llama's will protect them. I don't need wool or fiber just a guardian.
I had llamas when I had sheep, and he did a great job. If you dont need the fiber off them, just shear them and dispose of it.
I also used to lose lambs to coyotes. Someone gave us a male llama and what a disaster. He tried to breed the ewes and was a general pain. Got rid of him and bought a good female llama. Have not lost a lamb to predation in 4 years since we got her. The really do work. I now see coyotes go the long way around the field rather than try to cross it. The bad is if they don't want to load or something they just lay down and refuse to move. Shearing her takes at least 4 sharp shear blades to get the job done. A good llama is worth a lot to us..
We have an intact male, a young male and a female llama. All are good natured and get along with everyone for the most part. My male llamas best bud was a intact male alpaca........ never had a problem with him being mean to our other animals.....
Good Luck on your llama search!
never had a problem with him being mean to our other animals.....

It isn't always because it's mean. My friend just lost a female llama because she was laying down and a male tried breeding her from the wrong end and suffocated her. The male was just neutered a week before she brought him home. I guess it wasn't enough time for the hormones to settle down.
My friends guard llamas will stand next to a goat giving birth so they can claim the babies as their own to guard. I was over there one day while the two males were doing that. It was interesting.​
Well now I own two Llama's lol. They are a mother and daughter pair I couldn't split them up, I'm such a softy as the wife would say. The two started to freak out once I bought the mom and they removed her so I bought the daughter too with several looks from the crowd, lol.

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