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    So my trouble maker got her self in trouble again if my mother has her way Cherrio Rose will be chicken dinner tonight. this little poo head sneeks into the house by running thrught the back door behind people and she is so fast you really dont see her and that happend today she was in the kitchen and we HAD a marie Calenders bannna cream pie on the stove only 1 piece was taken out of it. well we found (thank god it was me) cherrios on the stove and she ate most of the wipe cream and walnut slaces and the bannna filling of the pie I would say if I put it all togeather - crust it would equal 2 1/2 pieces of pie her croop is so full. not to mention what is on her feet as we all know they like to scrach what they eat. I have her clean up and she went out side and acting normal digging in the garden and eatting out of the ground I guess small rocks IDK. this happend about 2 hours ago so her poo is normal and her crosp is not as extended as it was I just worry about the suger will it have long term effects on her. also how the heck to I hook a bell or somthing to her.
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    I don't think there will be long term issues. My girls get stuff with sugar in it all the time. Yesterday they got an extra large slice of pumpkin pie. My girls get all kinds of leftovers. As long as she doesn't eat something specifically toxic you should be fine.
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    whats funny this is the chicken that has only given me 2 hard shelled eggs and the very next day after eating pie I got a normal egg from her. thnking maybe adding this to her diet j/k

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