Look at the pretty egg we got today!

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11 Years
Aug 21, 2008
The Hills of Eastern Ohio
We normally get a variety of color and size eggs. Today we got this really pretty dark brown egg. I assume that it came from one of the Golden Comets, not from one of the EEs. Our I'm guessing from the size of this one, that it may be the first egg for one of them! This is a picture I took of the bowl of eggs my DH left for me to see when I got home (he's so funny... he wasn't thrilled about getting chickens at first, but now he just LOVES to collect the eggs). Sorry, I just wanted to share! You folks are probably the only ones who would care... anyone else would think I'm crazy to be excited about our eggs!

I love how dark and speckled it is! I think it's neat, too, that you can see some variety in the green color of the EE eggs, too.
Beautiful! I've been getting eggs for several weeks now and I still like to look at each one and try to guess who the hen was.
Great colors there! My hubby loves my chickens too and my dad who is 81 lives with us and he loves going out to see if out one and only hen laid an egg LOL. We have lots of pullets 17 weeks but none are laying yet. It's SO fun! I can't wait to see more egg colors! We get really super brown eggs from our wellie.
Nice pic!

I am envious, but I'm going to buy 2 green egg layers this weekend.

I have 3 red sex-links ATM and they lay beautiful brown eggs. My son and I want green eggs and ham.

I was talking to one of the fathers where my son goes to school who has been keeping bantys his who life and he told me he has a few green egg layers and that green eggs are supposed to have less cholesterol.

Any way Great work on the eggs and pic.

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