Look what my chicken laid!!! Very strange... *UPDATE W/ PICS*


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Mar 25, 2008
My son came running in the house this morning with an egg that is a tad bit bigger than a malt ball in his hand! It is the color of a Welsummer egg and is came from one of my Golden Comets. Maybe she thinks she's a Welsummer and a bantam all in one!
I thought it was pretty strange and wanted to share pics.


Here it is with the rest of this morning's eggs.
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no, she's making malted eggs for easter. trying to get a jump on consumers, with the economy being what it is!

that is way cute. i am jealous of the eggs!
Hey gumps:

That is absolutely adorable!!! My DH wants to raise quail for the small eggs. He likes to hard boil them and then throw them in his salads. They are also fun to pickle. Bite size eggs are the best.

You will have to let us know if it has a yolk. Sometimes they don't have a yolk. I have heard some call them "fart eggs". We prefer to call them Diminutive eggs (with five kids we avoid the "no-no" or "potty mouth" words...LOL).

I never heard back...how many yolks did your supersized egg have???
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Hey! I thought it was pretty cute. I can't believe that my son actually found it in the nesting box, it is so small. I guess that just goes to show you how observant children really are. I will crack it later when my DH come home from work. The boys want to show him their treasure that was found. I'll post pics of it after I crack it.

I've also been contemplating raising some quail. I saw a friend last weekend who told me her dad has quail and I could have all the eggs that I want! I just have to tell her when I want them. Come next spring, my bator will be busy, busy, busy! I'm already planning to hatch some more Blue Orps, Welsummers, and some Silkies. Now I will have to fit some quail in there! I guess I'll watch my DD's Silkie hen and see when she goes broody then I could throw some quail eggs under her.

Sorry I forgot about my ginormous egg! It had two yolks and I've been getting on every week! Poor hen...
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. Fart eggs, good one!

I've gotten a few of those teeny tiny eggs and found it to be a double-yoker! That's always a surprise for me, but especially when they come in such a small package! It's mostly my Silver Phoenix that lays those.

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