Looking for easy jungle gym/play set ideas


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My Coop
I would like to construct a simple playset for my cock flock using scrap wood and pallets I have laying around the farm. I will be keeping 4-5 cockerels from this year's hatches as back up breeders in a 30'x10' run. One end of the run is shaded with a nice big branch they can hang out on. At the other end is the coop with an 8' sheet of treated plywood laid up against it at an angle they can sit on, which also offers shade and a secluded area they can get away from each other if need be. The coop is elevated which also offers shade. In the middle of the run is 10'x10' area of nothing. I would like to put something there they can play on that also offers shade. Does anyone have pictures of their creations along with simple instructions? I'm thinking something like this, but not that elaborate and offers shade:
You could build something like a table with some elevated perches... I have the earlier version of that jungle gym (which is basically like half of that, 1 ladder, 1 tall roost, etc) and admittedly they just use that top bar. When my younger hens were chicks I'd feed them on the platform but they no longer need it.

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