Looking for hatchery reviews for a LF and Bantam mix

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  1. Hello everyone!

    We are looking to add a few more girls to our existing flock this year. In our LF coop, we will be pairing down to the following:
    BBS Australorps
    a Buff Orpington
    a Speckled Sussex
    an Olive Egger (that lays a brown egg) :rolleyes:

    Here's what we (ok, I) am considering adding:
    Speckled or Light Sussex
    Buff Orpingtons
    Whiting True Green
    Red Star
    Cream Legear
    Possible other dark brown layer

    Our Bantam coop has Silkies and 2 Satins. I'm needing to add more Silkies and possibly bantam cochins.

    We have been going with breeders instead of
    hatchery, but in all honesty, have acquired more illness (even with quarantine) and longevity challenged birds from going with breeders. There is 1 local breeder to us, but they don't carry everything and I really don't need any more boys than we already have.

    So, any reviews or input would be appreciated.
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    Nov 21, 2018
    What are your goals. Eggs, meat, both or just raising chickens.
  3. Well, we are breeding our Australorps and our Silkies. We also have them for eggs. Originally were thinking of meat, but we'll do meat birds at a later time specifically for meat.

    Also, next summer .. or possibly in 2 summers, we'll also add some ducks that will live close but not in the same coops and the chickens. Those will be for eggs only. Only mentioned as the full picture will also eventually have ducks, but not right now.
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    I've always been happy with Cackle, but successful shipping from a hatchery really depends on the USPS routes between the hatchery and your house. I would either look for a hatchery you can drive to, or talk to your local farm supply store(s) and see who they order from. They usually know which hatchery(ies) have the fastest shipping time to your area.
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  5. Yeah... unfortunately, we don't live close to any hatcheries. Calling the feed stores is an idea I hadn't thought of. Thank you :) I have heard good things about Cackle.
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    Redhead Rae Chickens, chickens everywhere!

    Jan 4, 2017
    Braxton County, WV
    Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that the farm/feed stores order from hatcheries too. I think Cackle has a lot of what you are looking for, but some of the rarer birds, like CCLs, might be out of stock already.
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  7. Redhead Rae

    Redhead Rae Chickens, chickens everywhere!

    Jan 4, 2017
    Braxton County, WV
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    LOVE CACKLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've purchased Speckled Sussex (along with other birds) from Murray McMurray in the past. They were great birds, very healthy and friendly. The SS seemed a bit slower to mature than other breeds I've had, but they made up for it once they got into egg laying mode. They now have free shipping on day old chicks and a nice variety of breeds to choose from.
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