Looking for ideas to separate rooster from hens but....


15 Years
Aug 16, 2007
Louisville, Kentucky
allow the hens the ability to go back and forth.
I'm not sure it's possible but he is pretty big and they are pretty small, so I thought if I made them a place to lay their eggs in private and a place to get away from him if they feel the need, everyone would be happy. They stay in a 10'x30' foot indoor run until I come home from work and then are let outside in the sun.
I just thought I'd ask before I started to plan in case someone else had managed that already. :)

He is a gentle thing really..and that's the reason I want to keep him.
He hurts one chicken by trying to mate, I assume, and I just want to give her a way to escape him. Although I have never ever seen him be rough with her or any other chicken but I only have 3 chickens, but will be getting more, however they will have to grow up.
I did buy her a saddle which is in transit from Amazon at the moment.

I'm thinking of making a squeeze-through that only the chickens can get through or a round hole type deal that only they can fit through...Not sure which would be the best.
A rooster will be driven to stay with his flock and can easily injure himself trying to get through a tight space. With the size space you have I see no need to try to restrict his movements, there is plenty of space for the hens to move away from him if they wish

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