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Okay so as of tonight I have lost at least two chickens to a predator. The first one that was taken was my rock island rooster. This rooster was huge and the protector of the flock. He disappeared yesterday evening leaving nothing but a lot of feathers, he must have put up a heck of a fight. Then tonight I am missing a hen and possiblely my breeding rooster. I've talked to a game warden from this area and he thinks it's it could be a fox and he said if so that could be a real problem because he'll just keep eating chickens one by one till they are all gone. Anybody have any suggestions??
you should try to make youre coop more secure, i.e. make sure no chickens can jump over the fences, the wire, if any at all, is burried at least 3 ft into the ground to prevent any creature from digging its way in, and a roof on your free-range area, just so no fox or somthing can jump and grab a chicken. I'm very sorry for your loss.

It might be an owl. Owls leave nothing but feathers. Make sure you flock is shut up even in dusk time. Feed them at that time to draw them in. And if it's something else make sure you house is shut up tight! No holes. Last resort, red light and a night stake out with a 22 gun and go a hunting.
I don't think any owl could pick up a rooster that big. I currently have a pullet recovering from an owl attack. It had her pinned to the ground and was eating her alive (all the muscles around her spine and scapula were eaten, and bare bone was exposed, as well as an air sac.) But it couldn't get her off the ground. Having dealt with losses to both coyotes and red fox, your rooster could have been taken by either of those. Possibly a dog as well. Could you follow any trail of feathers?
So sorry.... I've had to completely stop free-rangeing my chickens due to predators around here.
I am heartbroken that one of my hens was killed in their run. I am so afraid to let them out again for fear that I will lose another one. It's not about eggs, but they are a part of our family. I am thinking of just letting them run outside when we/ or the dogs will be out. I don't want them to know there are more chickhens there, so I am keeping them in. And, they are not happy. Any help/ suggestions are welcome..

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