Lost a hen this weekend. :(


10 Years
Jul 15, 2009
Southwest Idaho
We lost one of our wyandotte/leghorn cross hens on Sunday and I still have no idea why! She was fine and frisky in the morning when we fed them, but when I came out around 1 to let the girls out for a rummage in the garden she was lying in the run, already stiff! No signs of injury, she wasn't egg-bound that I could tell (no hard lumps, etc. though her vent did look a bit distended), and had been laying and acting healthy before that. I've been keeping a close eye on my other girls but nobody seems to be showing any signs of something wrong. Mostly I'm just sad and stunned! She wasn't even quite one year old and she was such a pleasant, sweet, friendly girl and a great layer.
I have had one pass like this. I believe she had a heart attack. She was fine and frisky when I let them out of the coop, hour later went to let them out of the run and she was laying like she was sunning herself.........but she was gone.

While it really hurt that she was gone, in a way I was relieved that it was so quick for her............not something long and drawn out.

for you.

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