Love farm fresh eggs but....


Mar 16, 2016
Midwest US
don't love my chickens! Between the poop EVERYWHERE, and trying to plant mums for the third time, they really wear me out. Didn't know they would eat the pumpkin we just got either until it was rotten! They are pretty though:)
Yeah, chickens and pretty decorations and ANY kind of plant are a no go. With my first go around, I ended up having to put hardware cloth around all my plants. They were all eaten by a predator and my new flock is in a very large coop with a very large run. I’d like to let them free range on sat and sun but I’m looking at all my pretty plants and flowers I’ve planted and ummm no. Not until I can put something around them to keep those silly chickens from eating them all. And they do it in a short time. Like minutes-plant there, plant gone.
I wanted ducks first, but they are more expensive and we live on a lot of acres with lots of predators so we thought we'd see how chickens went first. Ducks sound pretty muddy though! Do they come to a coop at night like chickens?
I think you have to establish some boundaries with them. My pumpkins are ceramic but your chickens will clean up the pumpkin. Good veg treat for them. I don’t put out anything that I don’t want them in. Softly correct them or call them away with acceptable forms of food or activities. Positive redirection. They will learn the do’s and don’ts. If not containment so you both can be happy. Large happy run space!

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