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Aug 31, 2014
Hi all,
Unfortunately a few weeks ago the last of my flock of eight years passed away. With troublesome neighbors and the area around my home becoming more and more dense I've decided to not continue raising chickens, at least not until I move to a new home.

I have for sale the following:
Omlet Eglu Cube (original version) with extension (bought November 2013. Extension not pictured, but can be attached to the cube, then attached to the walk-in run, or just attached to the walk-in run)
Omlet Walk-in Chicken Run 9ft x 9ft (bought March 2016)

3x Omlet heavy duty cover with gutter edge (fully covers the walk-in chicken run)
1x Omlet chicken swing
1x Omlet chicken perch
1x Omlet swinging treat feeder "rocky peck toy"
1x Omlet Eglu Cube extreme temperature jacket (my girls made it through the past 8 winters with no problem)
3x clear wind cover for Eglu cub
1x gulp water container
1x glub feeder
1x feed-o-matic treadle feeder
1x stainless steel heated water bowl

I'm the original owner of everything, and everything is in good shape. I just pressure washed the eglu cube so it looks pretty nice. This setup served my three girls very well and I always received a lot of compliments from visitors saying that it looked like my girls lived in modern palace. For the new owner, the only thing I would suggest is to either buy some new snap connectors from Omlet, or to use zip ties instead. I will be disassembling everything for easy pickup soon. Delivery may be possible to the greater boston area but ideally pick up. everything should fit into the back of a small pickup truck, or a mini van.

I looked over my receipts and it looks like I spent a bit over $3000 for all this stuff
I'm looking for $1500. The walk-in-run is about $900 on the site right now so I think this is a fair start. Please message me any offers if you're interested, I'm pretty open-minded. Prioritizing for someone that can take it all.


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