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Mar 24, 2019
Out chillin' with my ducks!
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My Coop
I circled it. The black dot, is on both sides wasn't there as hatchling. Asking if he will be coloured, and his caruncles will have some colouring? I think Daffy is his mummy but her caruncles are all white
It's caruncles might have some black in them. Some of my Muscovies have black in their caruncles. It's perfectly normal. :)
The duckling looks like it will be all white according to it's yellow downy feathers.


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Jan 24, 2008
I culled one of my drakes today. It was a logical cull as I had too many drakes and he was the one I least wanted to breed from. I will use the feathers, and he will be very tasty, and the food bill will be lower. However, I feel meaner every time I do this, and I eat more and more vegetarian meals, as it makes me quite thoughtful about my other meat, too.

Muscovy Wunda

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Nov 5, 2018
Central West NSW Australia
I think this is why I find a mass kill more appealing, you shuffle them all around alot that you don't know exactly what bird it is. I find when I know exactly what animal it was I have aversions to meat. Humans are the only predators that feed and nurture their prey before they eat it. I think this is where the guilt comes from. I know none of that probably helpful, but also remember you have given the duck a beautiful life and slaughtered him in a far kinder and quicker way then any other predator would have.
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