May 13, 2018
Here's an update of my scovy babies! Not so Lucky is the one in the pool. And at the back in group pic. I'm convinced I have 5 drakes. They have legs for miles with big flippers. Not so Lucky still walks funny, but she's a zoomer when she wants to be.View attachment 1998675 View attachment 1998676
Oh my goodness, you’re not lying about their long legs! :eek:

Very attractive group :) How old are they now?

the cluck juggler

Incubator Addict
Jun 12, 2017
Duckinea, the female I drove 500 miles to get, has layed her first eggs! :wee I've been slacking off on the egg-hunting so I found no less than 3 with her on top of them. I'm gonna collect and incubate, since she's a big part of my magpie breeding program. I JUST put in a bunch of chicken eggs, but I can always squeeze in a few more eggs. I love my big cabinet incubator!
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