Maine Coons

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    Not to be a downer, but I'm going to disagree and say they're just Domestic Long Hairs (or DLH for short). I'd say 95% of all "Maine Coon mixes" have no Main Coon in them at all. They are a very popular breed right now (the current Persian or Siamese), so it's not impossible for there to be a handful of mixes out there. But for the most part, cats advertised as "MC mixes" are probably just long haired mixed breed cats of no particular ancestry. The hallmark of a Main Coon is not ear tufts, toe tufts, or a thick mane, almost all long haired cats have those, but their impressive stature. Main Coons are massive, generally 20lbs + at maturity without being the least bit fat. They are also, due to their current popularity, very prone to certain health problems, especially heart disease. We have a family that has several Maine Coons from breeders at work, and we see them on average 1.5 times a month. Their youngest two came from the breeder with ringworm, which took forever to clear, and one of their cats has severe allergies to what seems like everything in our area and they recently thought he might have intestinal cancer (turned out he didn't, but they even went to a specialist two hours away and were going to have a biopsy done to rule it out). He's absolutely gorgeous, but a real mess health wise.
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    Quote:We found her and her litter mates when they were 3 weeks old. She had actually lost all of her fur when she was a baby and when it grew back she was longhaired. She was so ugly that no one wanted her, but she eventually did get prettier. I always say she is 12 lbs of body and 5 lbs of fur. Her brothers and sisters all developed into 20+ lbs, but are all short haired.

    Her mom still roams on the property. We had taken her in and gotten her fixed. The vet said that she was absolutely mixed with a pure maine coon. The father was just a black domestic shorthair.
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    I have a Maine Coon-Norwegian Forest Cat cross! Here she is:
    As an adorable kitten ♥:
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    Bobwhite ** I love the one where she is looking up from under the chair! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hehe i know she is so cute! She always will be no matter how old she gets!
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    I absolutely love Maine Coons. Have owned a number of them over the years and they were the best cats! I friend of mine was a breeder. My cat, Kitty Kat (aka Smokey) is part Maine Coon. I would get another one in a heartbeat! They are so big and sweet and love to bump heads with you to show affection!!! My DH is not an animal lover (didn't know this BEFORE we married) but he has always liked my animals and I often find him sitting on the couch with the cat on his lap. Lol!!

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