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    So this little lady is still sicker than a dog!!! Wth five days of this horrible cold that knocks you on your butt. This is the first night I have made dinner and my boys were sooooo happy. Pork chops, baked squash with brown sugar and season salt, mashed tator a, home made gravy from drippings, green beans and corn bread and honey. I have to admit I have missed the good home cooked meal... It's been fried egg sandwiches or egg and rice for the last four nights. Gave the birds the bones left from the fried pork chops and they went to town cleaning every bit of meat off the bone. Debating making an apt Monday cause I am not getting better... Might need antibiotics....[​IMG][​IMG] can't wait to feel better. Miss my friends. My house is falling apart besides laundry.... And I am missing a good night sleep!!!! Hope you all have a great day. Good night
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    Some Seahawks love sent your way
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    So sorry you're sick, Linda. Get better. Lemon and honey, tea, lots of virtual hugs sent your way. Echinacea, mint tea, lots of vitamin C. Heating pad to the chest. [​IMG]
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    @FridayYet. I'm sitting here and it dawns on me that you are super close to the hurricane. Hope you are okay and hunkered down. Hope your folks are well too. You are in my thoughts!
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    Thank you so much for caring! We are actually far north of the storm and hopefully when we get down to southern Texas in a few days, the storm remnants will have blown past.

    Off to Carlsbad Caverns today, to do the regular cave tour and the left hand tunnel tour. Not sure if we will see the bat flight at sunset, they might have flown south for the winter already. Should be fun!

    Have a great day, and I hope you are feeling better!
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    Just curios if anyone knows how long the girls take their egg laying break. My Minorca has already stopped laying for the season and it's only fall... I am guessing they start laying again in spring.... 6 month break???
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    I think Minorca are known for not being the most productive. So, the break might be a long one. I think Bruceha2000 has Minorca.
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    I am lost and don't know the appropriate thing to do... My beautiful young niece and nephew have lost their grandmother from their moms side.. My 11 year old has been with him upon request... It breaks my heart to see them hurting.. It hurts my heart to see my sil hurting... But unsure of what to do to help... I love my bro and sil but I'm not lose to them even though their children are my special babies... Total auntie kids. I spend a lot of time with them but not their folks... Please pray for them. I have called and left messages. Is it appropriate for me to wait for a call back to see where I can help out. Doesn't help that I'm Typhoid Mary right now.
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    You and your son could send a card of condolence.
    You've left a message, best not to intrude further if you know you're not welcome.
    You can talk to them about it the next time you see them.
    Death, wedding, births and holidays exacerbate family conflicts...sigh.
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    My son spent last night with my nephew at my folks house. We don't have evil between us but we just aren't close. I left a voicemail with condolenses and offer to help and I love you. I will wait and see instead of barging on. My brother and I use to be close. He snuck away from his house to see me on my wedding day. We use to be close all of us... Not sure what happened.

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