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    OMG Dinner was good, there arent many things I am good at, but making gravy is my expertise!!!!! Thanks to my grandpa. A good gravy covers mountains of shame. YUMMMMMY
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    Good morning all. Got a lot of overhauling todo. Found fleas on Rocco which means a lot of deep cleaning today. Also have to clean the coop. Hope everyone is well today.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Pretty birds!
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    Hope things are well. Seems we've all had an interesting few weeks. Still playing catch up on the threads but I just wanted to pop in with a warm hello. :)
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    HI attimus. You have surely been missed and hope you and the family are doing well.
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    It's been a long time since I have updated this thread... So much going on and not enough at the same time...

    My heart is burdened tonight as my close as can be kinda nephew goes on two weeks of being missing... Nerve wracked parents who are my best friends.... That are confused and scared.... A run away 17 yr old that was placed in youth at risk... I stretched all means of searching within my society and kids. I worry.... Yes.... But I also fear him getting caught.... Please parents!!! Do research before you sign your kid up for something like youth at risk.... I will just leave it at that tonight and pray.

    Onto chicken news. The trumpet heads (my boys) all created egg carton labels and had a contest to see which one people liked the most... Little do they know I will be using all three designs for Pretty Girl Eggery.

    Tonight starts our storm... Wind and rain and massive flooding by Sunday. I have my window wide open enjoying the sound of the wind gusts. The rooster is taking good care of his girls as they huddle under neath him and he sits astute to watch the weather. They usually pair off to sleep in the coop but when in need the family comes together. I just love it

    I found some 3 ft long grow light fixtures with bulbs new incase at the thrift store for 6 bucks... Now deciding which animal or plants I will bless with the additions. Still averaging 6 eggs a day... Which is great for this time of year. Put a lot of research into building a sma incabater... That will be my next project as things calm down... I have 99 percent of items sitting around the house... So why not.

    As you can see, I had lots on my mind. Thank you for hearing me out. Life doesn't always go as planned and sometimes we must grab onto the hope that is barely shining. God bless.
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    Sorry to hear about your kinda nephew. His parents must be so worried! Glad they have you for support and prayer - I'll keep him in my thoughts, too.

    Label contest sound like fun! Post pictures if you get a chance. Pretty Girl Eggery is a cute name!

    Hope the storm leaves you and the boys safe and dry. We had crazy wind yesterday and I had mountains of leaves in the yard. Vacuumed a lot up with the vac/shredder and was able to cover a nice layer in the chicken run with the copped leaves. A lot of work, a lot of dust - so I'm tired!

    Hang in there, it always seems darkest right before the dawn! [​IMG]
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    The boys and I just made our first incabater. Calibrating it right now and he are going to participate in the egg sexing experiment many are doing on here. I have a handful of rounded eggs picked out. Remember, I am a first time hatcher... Soooo I'm not expecting a great hatch rate but it should be an educational experiment for me and the boys.
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    Having a hard time getting my temperatures down in our home made incabator... More holes, I guess. It was 112 degrees.. Got it down to 108. Seven more degrees to go,

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