Mar 26, 2017
Ormond Beach Florida
Crazy Chicken Ladies Only! Someone who will spoil and take good care of them. My babies are NOT for supper. Just lovins!

I have 2 BEAUTIFUL Light Brahmas that turn 3 this month. Rizzo and Marty. Both are still laying and heathly. I had a small flock of 4,(originally 5. 1 was a Roo we rehomed) but lost my sweet Sandy and Frenchie to an opposum while away on vacation last August. Absolutely devastating. I have continued to spoil my girls and love them dearly. Bringing them inside on stormy/very cold nights, or even if the mosquitoes get too bad. Nursed my Marty back to health after she was attacked by a raccoon a couple of yrs ago, and cured Rizzos sour crop last year. They are my buddies and I enjoy spending time watching them in the yard. They opened my eyes to so much. My family and I even went vegan bc of them. Getting to know our “food” changed the way we looked at things. They want to live and be loved like everything else. I’m truly thankful for them. It kills me to do this, but I know it’s whats best. They need a flock. My biggest fear is that I will lose one and the other will be left alone. I do not plan on getting anymore chickens at this time. I want a home that will let them live out their days together and care for them if they become ill. Someone who would take the time to research odd symptoms and care for them properly if need be. Someone who will spend time with them outside and talk with them. They love to help me in the yard. They’re very curious and funny. My Marty is my sweet girl. She was at the top of the pecking order with Rizzo behind her. Rizzo lives up to her name and is a bit of a crab sometimes. I blame the attack, which is understandable . She sometimes pecks me if I try and take the egg from under her, but other than that she usually keeps to herself. She doesn’t attack you, she just doesn’t like to be touched. Marty enjoys being held and sung too lol. They both enjoy music. They aren’t your average chickens. They are quite spoiled lol. They have an very large enclosed run, and enclosed coop to sleep in at night. However I always leave the door propped open so they can free range in the yard.My yard is fenced and we also have 2 dogs that go out on occasion, so they are safe and protected. I hope to find a home that allows them to free range as well. But safely.
I’ve been putting this off since last year. I just love them so much it kills me to let them go. I keep all my animals until the pass so this is hard for me. But like I said, I know they need a flock. Even just a small one. I feel if I find them a home together, it will be easier on them. I do not HAVE to get rid of them so there is no rush. I will wait until I find the right home. Please let me know if you are interested in providing a safe, loving home for my girls to live out their days.

Please don’t respond if you lose a lot of chickens to predators and are looking to replace, think chickens are just for food, would put them down at the first sign of illness, never visit with them and just keep them out back, move a lot, live with someone else, or Have zero chicken experience.

I may sound crazy. I am. About all my animals:)


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The issue is one of them will eventually pass and I will be left with only one. I’d rather find them a home together now, where they can be with a flock, than wait to scramble and find a home when one passes. There is no rush. But something I feel needs to be done. Chickens are very social and just having 2 seems sad to me. They were all so cute together when I had 4. When one is laying an egg the other just roams around and stands by herself waiting. To me... that’s sad. I feel they need a flock. I’m not able to provide that. Hoping to find a fellow chicken lover who will love them like I do.
are you close to punta gorda FL? I am going on vacation their (I live in New Hampshire) I could pick them up.

About our flock:

We have three roosters and twenty three hens all of which are enclosed in a 30X30 pen, A house then a 10x10 pen in the back. Along with a free range day or once every evening. I go out every night and morning and when I can in the middle of the day (most times with treats)


Chickens that are sick wont be killed unless they are suffering and can't be helped. I do my best to keep my flock safe and healthy.

I had a chicken living in my bathtub for 1 1/2 weeks. She died I was devastated.

- That should be a link to the video

I also had a rooster in my bedroom for a month healing from a BAD pecking from another rooster.


We give them normal feed store brand grain, BUT we also give them access to the ground at all times and table scrapings. they always have access to food and H2O

I show chickens at fairs so we get them inspected each year for illnesses, nothing so far.

If you think NH would be good for your birds let me know!

Okay hope you have good luck with your birds -

Amelia :D
What a wonderful chicken mama you are! Unfortunately, I am looking for someone in Fl. I don’t think they’d do too well on a drive like that. But thank you so much for your interest and for taking such good care of your flock! :)
well, that's alright! Also my grandparents live in FL My grandma has always wanted chickens she is amazing at caring for creatures I trusted her with my whole flock when I went to the fair.

I am not going to speak for them BUT I can ask if you would like me to?

You have two amazing and beautiful birds and I hope they can find an amazing home!

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