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9 Years
Jul 31, 2010
Today chickens were out freeraing while i was wachting them keeping out predator something interesting happened i saw thr rooster humping auntie i did an online search apparently they were mating i have a few questions ?

1-when will the chicken lay filterize egg so i can move her?
2-how many times does it get the chicken to be filterized?
It can take even just one mating to fertilize a hen, but I'm not sure why you would want to move her because she's been fertilized...
Are you wanting to keep her separated from other roosters so the chicks would be purebred?

Just not sure of the need to move her. (?)

Just because your roo is mating hens doesn't mean they need to be moved. If you're not wanting fertilized eggs for some reason, the rooster would most likely need to be penned separately, as he will mate them all.

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