maybe my dog-attacked chicken will survive

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    she has no feathers on her back & her back is skinned. i don't know if she has any crushing injuries. last night she wouldn't walk, eat, drink & barely moved. i left her in the coop. i put her in a nest box & put the heat lamp on her. i had put blu kote on her wounds.i thought i would have to put her out of her misery this morning if she hadn't died in the night,
    last evening i noticed the other three would take turns standing or laying against her as if keeping her warm. none pecked at her. they would talk little noises to her.
    this morning she had moved out of the nest box, drank alot of water, pooped (runny) but hasn't eaten yet. she is talking to the other remaining three. maybe maybe she will live & i will have four left instead of three.

    the irony is of the four left (of 14) they represent the four breeds i had - buff orp, silver laced wyandotte, barred rock & she's the black australorp. i wish i could go out & find 4 or 6 birds of comparable age to add so their group wasn't so small.
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    Oct 6, 2010
    Check on your hen frequently to make sure she is eating and drinking well. If she won't eat, try offering scrambled eggs or yogurt. These treats tend to be very tempting and may get your hen's appetite up. As for treating the wound, I'm not completely sure.
    Good luck with your hen! [​IMG]

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