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  1. Greetings, A while back the girls got 4 Muscovy chicks, 3 females and a drake. Time passed and it became clear we had 3 drakes. Two of the drakes were the mean to the other ducks, chickens and all else. Thoes two a good ducks now, they have been cleaned and one is in the oven as we speak. It has been, well, I was a little boy when last there was a muscovy on the table. How, if you serve duck, have you prepared them for the table? Thanks


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    I have French Muscovies & my favorite way is to smoke them. about 190 degrees over a pan of water for 5-6 hrs (depending on size) with mesquite wood. last 1/2 hour i remove the water pan so the skin gets a little crispy. cheers
  3. Thankyou, that sounds scromtious. Wifey used: red wine and butter, it was very nice,the whole family liked it.
    We raised white muscovy, when I was a boy, my cousin made a face while eating it, and I remember refusing to eat any, I don't know if I ever did, and we had it quite often.

    These have some black coloring. The muscovy we had, there was not a hint of color in the feathers.

    I hope these have young, we kept a drake and hen.
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    I have parted mine out and I treat the breast like beef. My fav way is salt and pepper, sear on top of the stove, finish in the oven to mediumish. I've smoked the legs portions, very good and used leg portions in stews and chilis.

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