Mean Roo Headed Off to Freezer Camp


12 Years
Jan 24, 2011
Bristol, VT
My Coop
My Coop
The title says it all. One of the two roosters that I kept with my 17 week old hens tried attacking my son the other day. He is 15 and capable of defending himself just fine, but I often have little ones that come and visit and love to play with the girls, so the meanie had to go. He headed off to freezer camp. Not only did this make the coop much quieter (he was also a very loud rooster, crowing from 3am through until dark) but the girls all seem relieved too. He would often grab them and throw them to the ground and was often too rough in his attentions. Everyone seems much happier and more relaxed now.
Even my son agreed he had to go. Some of the babies that come over are pretty small only 2 or 3 years and they would be just at the right height for him to get them with his claws. They really hurt too. Just hoping my other rooster stays nice.
You definitely made a good decision. Nipped it right in the bud.

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