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    This is my Metzer babies with my Holderreads drake in the back...the taller one behind the Pekin.
    My Metzer babies are 20 weeks old now.
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    Quote:These are black runners? I can't tell by the tail since it isn't in the pic, but are the males the more greenish of them? And the female (behind that beautiful greenish one) more black and less of the green?

    Wonder if i can convince DH to have one of each color LOL

    Yes, you got it right. I did have a black female who had a lot of sheen though. She got picked off by a mink [​IMG]
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    Nov 28, 2010
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    I have ordered many time with Metzer, all of my sebbies come from them.
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    I agree with most of what has been said so far. I have ducks that I like just fine from hatcheries, but now that I have Holderreads I will never go back. They are phenomenal birds and really not much more expensive. His cheapest priced birds are better than anything I've seen anywhere else, and the cost is pretty comparable to anywhere else.

    The only down sides are that you have to fill out a paper order form (old-fashioned! lol) and you have to order in advance--the birds will be sold out by Spring.

    I am wondering where the information came from that he will be retiring soon? I know he's been doing this a long time and will certainly not be in the business forever (nobody can be, lol), but I hadn't heard that he had any particular plans. My understanding is that the ancona decision was part of a periodic review and right-sizing. I know they've terminated other lines of birds in the past, so this is neither the first nor, most likely, the last time. But perhaps I just haven't heard the latest news. It will certainly be a very sad day when the Holderreads are no longer doing their outstanding work.
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    Oct 11, 2010
    From my conversations with Dave and Millie, I don't think they have any immediate plans of retirement. My understanding is they merely wanted to reduce the number of breeds they have so they can better manage the remaining breeds. I know how extremely time consuming a hatchery business is and I just think Dave wants to focus more of his time on breeding (which he thoroughly enjoys) and less time managing and caring for on a wide variety of breeds and strains.

    And thank you to everyone that has such kind words about our birds and our efforts to help each of you any way we can.

    John Metzer
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    Quote:[​IMG] lol....Thank You for the excellent birds!
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    Jan 24, 2010
    [​IMG] My every time I see a post from John Metzer I just feel star struck....I'm so excited I'll be getting my baby's from them March 28. But in my little world he is a super Keep up the great work John [​IMG]
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    I enjoy all my metzer waterfowl. They have been healthy, friendly egg laying machines. For runners, because it is the uprightness that I enjoy about the bird, I would continue to buy from Holderread. Even after buying from Dave, I have still bought from Metzers because I can count on their birds to be what I want them to be... beautiful healthy ducks that lay eggs and entertain me to no end. I have also found their customer service to be friendly and helpful, which for me, is a huge plus.

    John, I appreciate the wealth of information you freely make available to those of us interested in your work and insights.
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    Jun 28, 2010
    I have metzer Welsh Harlequin drakes that I bought off of someone here on BYC. I also have three hens that I had hatched out of eggs whose parent stock was from Metzer. I REALLY like them.

    I have no intention of showing, and personally believe that utility is much, much more important than 'show quality'. Showing is way too much work and expense for not a lot of gain. The way people are breeding 'show quality' chickens that don't lay for a darn is silly (or ducks etc). To me, chickens are livestock. If they don't lay, or grow well, they aren't worth beans. I don't care if they've won upmpteen many shows etc. I demand productivity from ALL Of my livestock.

    I figure if I can get my Welsh Harlequins to represent the breed but lay a boatload of eggs every year - they are worth more than any show quality bird that doesn't lay well.

    So in essence, I breed 'backyard quality' birds, and prefer them over almost any show bird you could toss my way. [​IMG] I would rather invest less money in a bird that will produce well, than a bunch of money to find the strain of show birds just don't lay well, mother well, or grow well. Then again, I am TRYING to make a profit from my birds. They are profit oriented first, hobby second.
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    I love the information Metzer provides. Under the Duck Information tab they have the following information: Breed, Temperament, Weight, Egg Prod., Mothering, Bluish Eggs, Egg Size, Fertility, APA Class, Foraging Ability, ALBC Status, Our Show Quality, Flying Ability, Origin. It is so easy to see the differences in the breeds, and the information looks to be extremely honest and I believe the info is based mostly on their own stock.

    For example, want show quality birds, most of their birds are listed as average, probably you can show them but you will likely be in the middle of the pack when the judging is done. But the Cayugas are listed as Excellent Color, Good Type. Want a runner that lays bluish eggs, choose the Chocolate Runner. With all this information you can really choose a duck that will fit in your situation. And the ability to order by sex is fantastic. Small orders are also possible.

    On the other hand Holderreads is also equally honest about their stock. And while they do not currently show the birds they are certainly experts and have impressive wins in the past and others showing birds from them win consistently.

    I have never read anything on the BYC forums that indicates anybody has been less than happy with health and vigor of birds they have ordered from either hatchery.

    I have the utmost respect and awe for both hatcheries.
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