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    I have a 2 year old BO that has always been in good health. But in the last 3 weeks she has developed what looks like mild diarrhea. And if I don't catch is fast enought it runs from her vent and when it drys it pulls her feather together and I think that is causing her pain too. I give her baths to keep it from getting too bad and she seems to prefer cool water to warm. When I washed her last I saw why. There is a strainght line from her vent down that looks like a rash. I'm sure it's irritation from the poo. I don't know why she has this problem. Her feed has not changed and the only other diet change I can think of is every winter I change their treat from bread to cracked corn. The natual sugars help to keep them warm. My question is, what could be causing the diarrhea and how can I treat it. Also, what can I put on her bum to help with the rash.
    Any ideas would be great. Thanks
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    I don't know. My flock does poop some runny stuff and other than formed poop, but none of it is bad.
    The only thing I can think of is worms.
    I also have a few hens who soil their vent area always. Ick! I just cut the dirty feathers off, it keeps them clean for a while.
    Did this help at all?

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