Milking a corriente roping cow

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    May 1, 2008
    We live in the Roping Mecca of the World where 1 in 3 homes has their own roping arena thus providing for a surplus of Corriente Cattle. I grew up on a dairy in Western PA (but moved to the wilds of AZ as a small kid) and really miss the fresh milk and other dairy products. My Sister & I have been talking about getting a cow to milk and her neighbor has a bunch of the Corrientes that they breed and sell or lease the steers out to ropers. So here's our thinking: We would like one of the cows to milk. No they're not a dairy breed but we don't need or want 5 gallons of milk a day, just enough for our families and to make butter, yoghurt, some easy cheese and cream for coffee and baking. Our other thought is to get a beef breed, milk the cow and have a beef steer every year for butcher. Are we being naieve or is this as logical as it seems to us?

    (I Know: I should ask this on BYCows, but I forgot my pass word there)
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    Some of the Beef breeds don't have the temperment to be milked. I might by a young heifer and raise her tame and then train her to milk. I may be immpossible though dairy breeds have often been selected for their temperment though they can be wenches to. I guess I would say good luck and go for it. Not sure if it will work. Another option is a lower production dual purpose breed of cow Belted Galloways or Dexters are two of them.

    Good Luck I wish I could have a cow of my own and I am already starting to save for when I can.

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    Some milk beef breeds but, they tend to be a bit more tempermental. Many will get a dual purpose breed or a jersey for a family cow.

    As for a steer to butcher every year, you could get a heifer calf. A virgin heifer is actually more preferred for butchering. The meat is said to be better.

    I emailed you about your password.
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    Jun 12, 2008
    many people claim that they are an old cow breed and were originally dual purpose. i would give it a try if you have the time to try to tame one to the handling.
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    make sure your health insurance is current. I am not joking, just being practical. Teach her to hobble first.
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    Well I cull for temperment, I'll keep a mediorcer cow w/ a good temperment over a really nice ill tempered one (these are actually my mom's cows since I only own one). I guess I never really thought about it. I could milk my beef cow if I wanted, course she was a bottle baby. My dad also has some I think he could probably milk, he calls them the wild bunch, which they are anything but.

    I think the biggest problem if you get a young one is not knowing how they'll act after they calve. Some really sweet cows and turn into demons once they have a calf to protect.
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    Hurry on over to

    it's the second best info site on the web (I know I don't have to tell you the #1) [​IMG]

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