Mille Fleur pictures wanted!


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May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky
All my Millie Fluers are show birds. The roosters name is Sophi, Short for Sophisticated Bird. And the two girls I call the Pajama Twins, my mother gave them the nick name and I just stuck with it. The ones full name is Pj Pajama Girl and the 2nd hen is Mumbles Penguin Stumbles (and yes she was named that from the penguin in happy feet because she looked like a penguin when she hatched)
I just have fun coming up with Crazy show names for my show birds.

Also Sophisticated Bird is a champion boy. I'm so proud of him he ended up being one of those little $1 chicks that just grew up to be amazing.

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Happy Hen on a Harley
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Feb 24, 2011
Central Arkansas
Here is my Granddaughter's Millie Roo. She calls him BFF (stands for Best Friend Forever) She is only 6.

I wish I had a hen for him. Right now I have a MF OEGB with him just to keep him company because they both are small and gentle.

Notice the BYC tattoo on her arm!

Here is BFF and his friend MF OEGB. He chatters to her like an old woman on a front porch with a good ole glass of tea.

and here is a better picture of her.
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