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    Beginning of the week (Monday) I'm sure is a catch up day for the post office and it must slow down by Thursday a bit. It's all about not wanting to work extra. And to heck with living creatures. It blows me away they can set that kind of precedent and dictate to a big customer how to run their business. Too much power.

    I set the creamettes loose and they seem happy exploring in and around the coop. Free ranging and my Roo was dancing up a storm for them. Big charmer. Boy they can fly! One took off from the roost when I opened the door to the coop and flew right out like a grouse. I do like them. Smaller than I pictured though.
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    In case anyone has not noticed. Most of the USPS employees would like to do away with the shipping of live animals through them. Speedee does business in Iowa and Minnesota. They charge less and will deliver to your door. I don't know if Murray Mc will ship with them, but it would be worthwhile to inquire.
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    I have ordered things from Mcmurray non living things and Mcmurray used Speedee and I got it less than 24 hours and right at my door!! I can not believe why they do not use them for the chicks too. Just think how that could change their business in a good way. Chicks getting personal attention not just thrown around like at the USPS.

    My sister works for the USPS delivering mail. I have never asked her opinion or the others at her office what they think of the whole chick shipping. i should ask her. I do know that Mondays are the very busiest day of the week for mail volume perhaps that it is so much that chicks added would be too much? I don't know.

    Nordic I hope you were able to get the chicks before your afternoon activities.
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    Interesting, EJB. I was under the impression that USPS was the only carrier who would take live animals.

    We may have to look to small regional carriers in future.

    Minnie, I believe what you shared about the MMMs post office, but it upsets me as well. Years ago, I worked brokering freight all over the US. Sometimes, a customer just wasn't worth the trouble compared to their rates. So we would figure how much we needed to increase their rates based on time & personnel, etc. Sometimes they stayed and paid the increased rate (and we served them knowing we were being paid accordingly), sometimes they left for another carrier. But the USPS has such a monopoly! Or at least I thought so before EJB enlightened us. I'm going to stop now before I go all....POSTAL! ;)

    I feel very lucky to have found good local or regional sources for most of my poultry needs (besides the CX, of course). And perhaps if the post office stops shipping chicks altogether, there will be a rise in local or regional hatcheries, breeders, and carriers - I think that could be a good thing.
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    What business would be able to continue to operate if it only took your business on a Thursday?

    The Creamettes are very tiny dainty birds. When I hold them I feel like they are going to break they are so small.....

    I am thinking of giving Ray one of my EE also, To get his blue egg gene too. I a not sure though. I need to think more on this...Been a ong day, I started preparing myself for camp day only to have to post pone it because of the cold. I am just getting over pneumonia and do not need to get chilled and wet processing turkeys and nameless... maybe next weekend.
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    This Thursday shipping makes no sense. If the chicks do not make it to the post office before close on Saturday, not only do they sit all weekend but that also makes more mail for them on Monday. If Monday is so busy, why not Tuesday or Wednesday. They should then make it before the weekend.
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    Ralphie, it may be a good idea to put an EE hen with the Cream Legbar rooster to see what happens with egg color. I have no idea if Ed is a true blue egg man or not?
    The hens that have developed from the same batch of chicks look to be Brown Red color pattern and produce blue (not green) eggs.
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    The chicks arrived! Right at the tail end of our Scout Activity which was perfect. They are all healthy and alert. No pasty butt (like so many chicks I've seen at Fleet Farm and TSC). We spent the rest of the day watching chick tv, haha!
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    Awesome! Glad they arrived safely.
    I hope to get chicks soon!
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