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    Jan 20, 2015
    Northern Minnesota
    How old is he and where did you get him from?
  2. rainin22

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    Sep 29, 2013
    St. Francis, MN
    He's 4 weeks and from windland flats in princeton, mn.
  3. Rhetts

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    Jan 20, 2015
    Northern Minnesota
    Sorry, 3 posts in a row!

    A while back folks here were talking feed and I was going to ask but didn't get around to it until now and now I forgot who it was. I currently buy organic feed but I have to drive an hour each way to get it. Azure does deliver 30 mins from me but the cost is more than I am paying unless I am not looking at the right stuff. I was wondering where folks get their organic feed and how much you pay. I am not in a position to make my own yet so I will continue to buy feed and scratch grains for some time. If it is the cheapest to continue to drive 2 hours for feed then I will. Just looking for some info. PM me if you would rather put details there. Thanks
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    Hi Scott: Oh dear, your poor daughter...

    Often times a group of Hens will have a lead that acts like a rooster if they do not have a rooster to lead them. You'll hear them even 'trill' to alert to predators and give the 'bick-bick-bick' that they've found food/treat. It's sort of amazing. I think she is taking over right now....

    Another thought that comes to mind sadly is ovarian tumor or growth. These birds from hatcheries sometimes unfortunately come with reproductive issues due to the way they are selected for laying traits, and I'm sure other factors. (this is why I'll only get birds from a breeder now) It could be her hormones are skewed. It's possible that she along with aggressiveness may grow spurs or male-like feathers. Poor thing. It usually happens along the 2 year old mark. But I had issues with hens at the 1 1/2 year mark.

    Fingers crossed that she is just jumping up in the order and it will settle out. In the meantime don't take crap from her. Pick her up and carry her around while you do your chores and show her who is the dominant. Push her head down toward her breast if she's trying to bite.
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Man I get back here for the weekend and there was almost 100 posts!!! How r u all doing??

    I got a batch of hopefully olive eggers as they r EE X Welsummer and some Welsummer over BR, BA, BB, NHR and BO... They should hatch in nine days so if anyone needs a roo I will probably have about 3. I only have 6 eggs in this batch but have 24 in the bator!!
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  6. Scott16475

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    Thank you, Bogtown Chick!

    I greatly appreciate your input. My wife did pick her up yesterday and the entire time she was holding her, she was turning her neck to try and bite my wife's hand and arm. This came out of nowhere and because my daughter's rabbit and rabbit hutch are in that part of the yard, a second person has to go back with her to keep Rebecca away from her since my daughter's terrified of all chickens but especially Rebecca.

    We'll continue to pick her up and teach her that she's not the leader. If this continues, I won't have a problem sending her on her way.

    Thank you again!!
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  7. Scott16475

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    Thank you. My daughter was back there yesterday when Rebecca, the crazy chicken, was circling her. I wasn't paying attention until my daughter started screaming. I know I've made a joke or two about my daughter being afraid of chickens but this is crazy. My daughter comes before a chicken so if Rebecca continues this behavior, she'll be gone. With that said, if this is some natural rearranging of the pecking order, I don't want to upset the balance and maybe it will settle after a while longer.

    Who knew chickens were so complicated? Not me.
  8. Rhetts

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    Jan 20, 2015
    Northern Minnesota
    Scott-My hens act just like Bogtown said. I have not had a roo since Jan. I have a hen who has taken over and has been acting more and more roo like every day. Right now it works. I have read here on BYC that sometimes there was a need to 'shuffle up' the hens order and let them rearrange themselves. Not sure exactly as I have only read about it and not done it. Good luck!
  9. Scott16475

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    I'll be moving 6 new chicks out to the 'chicken yard' in a month or two so that alone will shuffle up the pecking order. I was already expecting dust and feathers to fly when I introduce them but now I'm really expecting a lot of dust and feathers.

    You have to be quick when picking up Rebecca because she will turn to keep herself facing you at all times when you go to pick her up. She very seldom turns her back to us. If she knows you're going to pick her up, she gets bigger, continually turns to ensure she's facing you at all times, and is ready to peck. She may be trying to be #1 on the pecking order but in terms of being my favorite, she's last!

    Thanks everyone for the advice. We'll continue to show her who's boss and hope she settles down.
  10. Dandelioness

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    May 27, 2014
    East Central MN
    Scott, I hope the football hold & some shuffling help the situation.

    Ralphie - so did you confirm your guinea egg? I haven't seen any yet, but expect some soon...
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