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  1. flippinchickens

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Monroe, NC
    Our rooster has obviously battled with something....Early this morning our guineas where raising the roof....alarming us there must be a predator somewhere...Mojo looks to be injured. His whole top beak....what I can see for now is gone and he has some comb scratches. I put him in a cage by himself for now. I just started raising chickens this year. I do not know what to do next....Mojo is a family pet...our entire family enjoys playing with him. Does anyone know what I need or should do next?????????
  2. stevetone

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    If he cannot eat with his current beak configuration you should probably cull him, lest he suffer a slow painful starvation death.

    Not easy...
  3. stevetone

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    Oh, and a somber [​IMG]

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